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Toyota Crown Crossover for sale in Kenya

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Import Toyota Crown Crossover to Kenya

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About the Toyota Crown Crossover

The All-New Toyota Crown: Reimagined for the Future

Is the Crown a good car?

The new Toyota Crown is a complete reimagining of the iconic vehicle, boasting a high-quality minimalist design, effortless driving performance, and advanced safety features. While it’s too early for definitive reliability assessments, Toyota’s reputation for excellence and the Crown’s advanced technology suggest it will be a reliable option.

What’s new about the Crown’s exterior design?

    • Stylish, coupe-like silhouette: The Crown blends coupe-inspired sleekness with elevated styling, projecting a sense of strength and dynamism.

    • Refined and majestic look: Continuous headlights and taillights create a simple yet captivating design, further emphasized by the absence of excessive character lines.

    • Powerful stance: Large-diameter tires break the traditional sedan mold, contributing to a powerful and stable presence that transcends both sedan and SUV categories.

What makes the Crown’s interior special?

    • Intuitive layout: The horizontal integration of displays and controls ensures easy operation from any seat.

    • Wrap-around comfort: The instrument panel and doors embrace the occupants, creating a driver-focused cockpit and comfortable passenger haven.

    • Exquisite details: Every element, from the WARM STEEL accents to the inviting shift knob and plush seats, exudes quality and richness.

Does the Crown offer different driving experiences?

    • 2.4-liter Turbo Hybrid System: Experience exhilarating acceleration and a comfortable driving feel with this powerful hybrid system featuring a new bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery.

    • 2.5-liter Series Parallel Hybrid System: Enjoy class-leading fuel economy and quietness with this optimized hybrid system and the new bi-polar nickel-hydrogen battery.

How does the Crown’s platform enhance performance and comfort?

    • Elevated hip point: Large-diameter wheels and a higher hip point make entry/exit easy and provide excellent visibility.

    • Spacious and comfortable interior: Ample headroom and legroom create a first-class feel for every passenger.

    • Solid handling and smooth ride: The TNGA platform delivers a lightweight, high-rigidity body for confident handling and minimal vibration.

What advanced safety features does the Crown have?

    • Toyota Safety Sense: The latest Toyota Safety Sense package with advanced features expands accident response capabilities for safer and more enjoyable driving.

    • Toyota Teammate: This suite of driver-assistance technologies includes Advanced Drive (traffic congestion support), Advanced Park (automatic parking with remote operation), and other convenient safety functions.

Is the Crown available in Kenya?

Currently, the new Toyota Crown is not officially available for purchase in Kenya. However, its combination of sleek design, powerful performance, and advanced technology makes it a potential import for luxury- and eco-conscious Kenyan drivers. Be aware of potential costs and import regulations if considering this option.

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