Import to Sell

Import to Sell

Are you looking for a safe and trustworthy avenue to invest your hard-earned cash? Join the Croton “Import to Sell” elite club and sit back as your money works for you!

Here's how it works

Depending on the amount of money that you would like to commit, we will import a vehicle for you from Japan, sell it on your behalf at our Karen showroom, and give you your capital+ profits back. Of course, you may wish to take only the profits and plough back the capital into buying another car.

Security Guarantee

Our security guarantee to you is that the vehicle comes in your name. This means that once we buy it, you own it 100% at any point in the journey.

Why is ‘Import to sell’ a good idea?

Well, imagine that you had 1,000,000kes lying in a fixed bank account. Going by prevailing interest rates, this amount of money will earn you about 5-7% interest per annum, that is 50,000-70,000Kes.

Now, if you import a vehicle worth the same amount, you can earn the 5% in one cycle of four months (factoring 2 months to import and 2 months to sell). Conceivably, you can repeat this cycle three times a year, giving you a conservative 150,000kes in profits. Please note that the 5% return varies with vehicle models, and some can return a much better profit.

Sign me up! How do I go about it?

We encourage you to visit us at our Karen showroom so that we can walk you through this service. If this is not a possibility, our sales team is happy to speak with you on the phone. Fill in the inquiry form below and we'll get back to you.