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Price: USD. 11,000 (CIF)
76000 km2500 CC
white4WD 2.5i Eyesite Active Style

About the Subaru Exiga

Subaru Exiga represented Subaru’s attempt to introduce a new multi-passenger vehicle (MPV). It was based on Subaru’s advantages in terms of stable, quiet, and comfortable rides, all of which were made possible by the Horizontally-Opposed engine arrangement and the Subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept. Subaru achieved this by leveraging its accumulated expertise from building wagons and crossover SUVs. The Subaru Exiga was launched in 2008 and discontinued in 2018, replaced by Subaru Ascent. The Subaru Exiga competitors in Kenya include Toyota Wish, Mazda Premacy, and Nissan Lafesta. This article looks at the Subaru Exiga for sale in Kenya. It is helpful if you want to import Subaru Exiga in Kenya or get a locally used Subaru Exiga in Nairobi, Mombasa, or elsewhere in Kenya.

What are the main features of a Subaru Exiga?

The Subaru Exiga for sale in Nairobi bears some similarities with the Legacy, especially at the front. It is based on the well-known Subaru Legacy chassis, which features a double wishbone at the back suspension and valve damping shocks up front to give it outstanding handling characteristics. And, Exiga’s exceptional handling qualities are one of the key strengths that make it stands out from its rivals. The Exiga’s external design embodies the fusion of the practicality of a seven-seater and exquisite aesthetics. There are two distinct front grille design options. The normally aspirated vehicles have a refined and straightforward appearance with sweeping chrome-plated curves. The turbo model design emphasizes a dynamic and chiseled appearance by utilizing bold wing-shape ornamentation in black plating on a metal mesh background. The purpose of headlamps is to add depth to the front vision. The lamp’s design emphasizes boldness and presence with a blue-tinted lens in the center. The Exiga has four trim options, including the entry-level version 2.0i, the 2.0i-L, and the 2.0i-S, all of which are non-turbocharged engines. Then, there is the turbocharged 2.0GT with an intercooler. The MPV has an all-wheel drive layout and a 5-speed automatic transmission. The front grille and hood scoop help to identify turbocharged engines; those without turbos have the chrome-plated version, while those with turbos have a metal mesh with black plating. The four models feature various wheels and spokes that are all uniquely made. Safety features include AT false start suppression control, SRS Airbags, Curtain airbags, ABS, Pre-Crash Brake, Pre-Crash Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Control, Cruise Control with vehicle speed following function, Eyesight Ver.2, 3 Point ELR seatbelt, and brake override.

How spacious is the Subaru Exiga?

The Subaru Exiga has a roomy and comfortable cabin, which is well-spaced and much more comfortable compared to its closest rival, Toyota Wish. The seating is like a theater, with the second-row seats higher than the first and the third-row seats higher than the second. It gives the passengers an excellent view of the road. The head and legroom are adequate in all directions for the first and second rows. But the legroom in the third row is suitable for children and persons of average stature. The seats are designed to support the occupants and lessen tiredness, even during a lengthy trip. The seat cushions are thick to absorb vibration and provide comfort. The cabin has many storage spaces that are great for keeping things like handbags, smartphones, drinks, goggles, and more. There are four cupholders, storage on the door panels, a shelf for storage under the dashboard, a glovebox, and a central box in the first row. The front seat jacket pockets in the second row have storage areas. There are two cup holders in the third row. The Subaru Exiga vehicle is a multipurpose vehicle, you can adjust it to suit your exact needs. It offers a cargo area of between 195 and 460-litres of space.

Is the Subaru Exiga fuel efficient?

The Subaru Exiga has a fuel consumption of 12 to 14km/l.

Does the Subaru Exiga have good ground clearance?

The Subaru Exiga has a ground clearance of 6.5 Inches, the minimum clearance recommended for Kenyan roads.

Can you find spare parts for a used Subaru Exiga / Is it easy to find spare parts for a Subaru Exiga?

Depending on availability, body parts can be pricey. In Kenya, service parts are inexpensive and easily accessible. Most spare parts stores in Nairobi’s Industrial Area and Kirinyaga Road carry these components.

Is the Subaru Exiga a reliable car? Does it have good resale value in Kenya?

The Subaru Exiga is a reliable car, but the turbo model is sensitive and requires proper maintenance. It has an average resale value. The Exiga gives all passengers a safe and enjoyable ride based on the idea of a seven-seater with panoramic visibility for the traveling experience. Subaru succeeded in creating an open and comfortable cabin space for all the passengers. It allows them to interact and share the experience of touring enhanced by dramatic wide-angle window views. The Subaru Exiga for sale in Kenya is an excellent family MPV best suited for urban dwellers.

What is the price of Subaru Exiga in Kenya?

Prices of locally used Subaru Exiga in Kenya will range from as low as KES 1,350,000 to around KES 2,400,000 for new models. Below is a price guide of newly imported Subaru Exiga in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Model YearPrice
2014KES 1,350,000 ~ 1,500,000
2015KES 2,200,000 ~ 2,400,000

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