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Image of 2013 Toyota Crown for sale in Nairobi
Price: KES 1,999,999
138000 km2500 CC
Two Wheel DriveAutomatic
Image of 2008 Toyota Crown for sale in Nairobi
Price: KES 1,300,000
164000 km2500 CC
Two Wheel DriveAutomatic
Image of 2015 TOYOTA CROWN HYBRID ROYAL SALOON for sale in Nairobi
Price: KES 2,020,000
129228 km2500 CC
Two Wheel DriveAutomatic
WhitePetrol Hybrid

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Price: USD. 20,000 (CIF)
30000 km2000 CC
silverAthlete S-T
Price: KES. 3,013,000
139000 km2500 CC
whiteHybrid Royal Saloon
Price: USD. 17,000 (CIF)
45000 km2000 CC
blackAthlete S-T J-フ Low ンティアLTD
Price: KES. 4,836,000
26000 km2500 CC
Price: KES. 4,535,000
52000 km2500 CC
blackRSアド Van ス
Price: KES. 5,034,000
67000 km3500 CC
blackRSアド Van ス
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About the Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown is one of the popular executive cars on the Kenyan roads. Launched in 1955 as the Toyopet Crown, the Toyota Crown is in its 15th generation. The car has established a solid reputation for being well-made and comfortable. The Toyota Crown is a rear-wheel-drive full-sized luxury salon and one of the most reliable and durable vehicles on the Kenyan market.

The 14th and 15th generation Toyota Crown models for sale in Kenya are among the most high-tech cars in their class featuring advanced safety and driver assistance technologies.

If you are looking for a luxurious car, you can import a Toyota Crown in Kenya or consider buying a used Toyota Crown in Nairobi.

What are the main features of a Toyota Crown?

Toyota Crown is one of the few Toyota models with its distinct insignia: a stylized crown logo badge on the steering wheel and grille. The car has three variants, including Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, Toyota Crown Athlete, and Toyota Crown Majesta. The car’s exterior conveys a sense of elegance and luxury.

It has a royal aspect thanks to its long wheelbase and low roofline and unique aesthetic elements such as a large grille, chrome accents, and wraparound LED headlights. It has sleek, streamlined sides, well-curved rear end and taillights, alloy rims, fog lights, and dual exhaust. The Toyota Crown design appeals to individuals who prefer a refined and subtle appearance.

The latest generation Toyota crown for sale in Kenya builds on the car’s legacy by offering revolutionary technology like the Toyota Multi-Operation Touch system and 2.5L and 3.5 hybrid powertrains. They also introduce new safety systems, such as the Pre-Crash Safety System, and improved existing systems. These include features like an impact-absorbing body, Pre-collision System Intelligent Clearance Sonar, Adaptive High-beam System, a high-rigidity cabin, seven airbags, and seat belt reminders.

The Crown offers an enjoyable driving experience. It handles very well around curves, even at high speeds. The automatic transmission also adds excitement to driving that most CVT-equipped cars lack. The engine presents a remarkable performance. You will love your time behind the wheel of the Toyota Crown.

How spacious is the Toyota Crown? (combine how much can you carry and how spacious Toyota Crown is?)

The Toyota Crown for sale in Kenya has a stylish, spacious, comfortable, and luxurious cabin comparable to the Mercedes E-Class. The Crown’s interior is larger and has more legroom. The seats have luxurious fabric or premium leather upholstery like high-end German cars. The front seats are roomy with plenty of support, legroom, and headroom.

The outer backseats in the back have adequate support and legroom for the passengers to recline and stretch. However, the transmission tunnel limits legroom in the middle seat. There is enough room to store personal items like smartphones, iPad, handbags, beverages, etc. The first row has a glove compartment, a storage shelf below the dashboard, the center box, and two cup/bottle holders.

The back row has door panel pockets, seat pockets, and two cup/bottle holders on the fold-down armrest. The cabin is well insulated, so engine or road noise are barely audible.

The boot is large enough to accommodate standard family luggage, such as suitcases and groceries, but not sizable items. Note that the boot compartment is sealed. You can’t create extra cargo space by folding the back seats.

Is the Toyota Crown fuel efficient?

The 14th generation Toyota Crown import to Kenya has three engine options, including 2.5L, 2.5L hybrid, and 3.5L petrol engines. The fuel consumption for the 2.5L is approximately 13Km/L, the 3.5L averages 9Km/L while the 2.5L hybrid can give around 23.2 Km/L.

The 15th generation Toyota Crown for sale in Kenya has three engine options: 2.0L, 2.5L hybrid, and 3.5L hybrid petrol engines. The 4WD models only come with the 2.5L Hybrid engine. The 2.0L averages 15Km/L, the 2.5L hybrid can give approximately 18km/L, while the 3.5L hybrid can return around 13Km/L.

Does the Toyota Crown have good ground clearance?

The Toyota Crown has a ground clearance of 5.9 inches, which is less than the 6.5 inches recommended for Kenyan roads. If you import Toyota Crown in Kenya, talk to a reliable mechanic about changing the ground clearance

Can you find spare parts for a used Toyota Crown / Is it easy to find spare parts for Toyota Crown?

The Toyota Crown electronics are somehow pricey, but the spare parts are affordable and available. You can easily find them in stores in the industrial area and Kirinyaga Road in Nairobi.

Is the Toyota Crown a reliable car? Does it have good resale value in Kenya?

The Crown has an excellent reputation for being reliable and comfortable. Toyota Crown’s resale value in Kenya varies greatly depending on the model year.

Parting Shot

Toyota Crown is among the popular executive cars for sale in Kenya because it offers remarkable comfort, reliability, and power. Toyota Crown is an excellent choice if you want an executive car that combines power, luxury and fuel economy.

What is the price of Toyota Crown in Kenya?

Prices of locally used Toyota Crown in Kenya will range from as low as KES 2,100,000 to around KES 6,000,000 for new models. Below is a price guide of newly imported Toyota Crown in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Model YearPrice
2014 KES 2,100,000 ~ 2,500,000
2015KES 2,300,000 ~ 2,700,000
2016KES 2,500,000 ~ 3,000,000
2017KES 2,900,000 ~ 3,500,000
2018KES 3,600,000 ~ 4,000,000
2019KES 4,100,000 ~ 4,900,000
2020KES 5,200,000 ~ 5,500,000
2021KES 5,600,000 ~ 6,000,000

Are you looking at buying new or used Toyota Crown in Kenya? Are you looking at selling your used Toyota Crown in Kenya? Do you want to know the prices of new or used Toyota Crown in Kenya? Do you want to know how to import Toyota Crown from Japan? Please visit our show room in Karen, Nairobi and our sales agents will guide you.

Below is a list of Toyota Crown for sale in Nairobi, Kenya and also others available in Japan. You can now buy and import year 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 Toyota Crown from Japan to Kenya.