Toyota Brings Back the Hilux Pick Up after 13 Years

In 2004, Toyota stopped the production of the popular Hilux, which it had been producing since 1968. During its years of production it was sold in over 180 countries, with global sales hitting 17.3 million. Production however continued select countries such as the UK, Thailand and South Africa.

The main reason for the reintroduction was increasing demand not only in the traditional commercial sector but also in the private sector. Toyota identified a need for customers to live ‘an active lifestyle’ which can be facilitated by a vehicle that is strong but also looks good on the road for private excursions.

What are some of the features of the new Toyota Hilux Pick Up?

•The exterior is designed to be ‘tough’ yet ‘emotional’ giving a sense of power and vigor. It comes in five exterior colors and a black interior.
•Available in single cab and double cab body styles
•Reinforced deck structure
•2.4l diesel engine, offering a powerful performance with a fuel efficiency of 11.8KM/L
•Features a part time 4WD, allowing the driver to change driving modes at the touch of a button.  The 2WD mode is ideal for urban areas and offers superior quietness and fuel efficiency. The 4WD mode is ideal for rough and slippery terrain.
•It features a high strength frame that ensures stability both on-road and off-road
•Large hand grips that allow easy entry and exit from the cabin

Good News for Kenya

The re-introduction is certainly good news for Kenyans who would like to import the Hilux. The import process from Japan is much easier compared to say Thailand. Cars used in Japan will also be much cleaner.
The Hilux is quite a versatile car and looks good on anyone- from a farmer to a company CEO. In Kenya we value functionality. This Hilux is the perfect balance. Because of its double cab feature you can easily ferry your family to and from the village, on a road trip etc. The spacious canopy allows you to carry luggage, materials or even a goat from the village!

Make your inquiries for the Toyota Hilux now!

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