Pre-Orders Start for All-New Mazda Demio in Japan

HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation began taking pre-orders today for the all-new Mazda Demio (known overseas as Mazda2) at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealers throughout Japan. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices range from 1,350,000 yen to 2,192,400 yen (including taxes) and the company expects to sell 5,000 units per month in Japan. Sales are scheduled to begin on September 26 for the gasoline engine front-wheel drive (FWD) model, and on October 23 for the diesel engine FWD model. The all-wheel drive model will go on sale in December 2014.


Following the Mazda CX-5, Mazda Atenza (Mazda6) and Mazda Axela (Mazda3), the all-new Mazda Demio compact is the fourth model in Mazda’s line-up of new-generation vehicles that adopt the full range of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and KODO-Soul of Motion design language.




The all-new Demio was developed to challenge the commonly accepted idea that the value of a car is proportionate to its size. The compact class is the highest-volume segment in the Japanese market, and by offering SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY*1, including the option of a clean diesel engine, and the KODO design theme in its all-new Demio, Mazda is aiming to offer driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance to as many customers as possible. Mazda strove for the highest level of quality in every area; from the ideal driving position and pedal layout and safety-first Human Machine Interface (HMI), to the refined, high-quality interior and exterior design and Jinba-Ittai dynamic performance. Mazda’s design philosophy and innovative technologies that have been consistently cultivated throughout the development of its new-generation models starting with the CX-5 are all condensed into the compact body of the all-new Mazda Demio.




All-new Mazda Demio Overview


Undeniable presence and a design full of vitality


Exterior design


  • Mazda’s KODO-Soul of Motion design language is reconstructed for a compact body, with an architecture that conveys a sense of explosive forward momentum through the concentration and release of energy.
  • A powerful stance with large tires positioned as close as possible to the four corners of the body.
  • Four-lamp LED headlamps that resembles the eyes of a wild animal and the signature wing create a handsome and lively expression and contours that are full of vitality.
  • A range of ten different exterior body colors*2 includes the newly developed Dynamic Blue Mica and Smoky Rose Mica, as well as Soul Red Premium Metallic which was developed to complement the KODO design theme.


Interior design


  • The high-quality and playful blend of materials includes satin chrome, high-gloss color panels, carbon-fiber finish grain, leather and stitching, and realizes a high-quality interior that far surpasses the conventions of the class.
  • A balanced contrast between a cockpit zone designed to help you enjoy driving and a passenger seat zone with a roomy, open-feeling space.
  • Four different coordination styles are available, each offering a different combination of colors and materials for the instrument panel, console, door armrests and other parts.




Human-centric packaging


Driving position


  • Repositioning front wheels approximately 80mm further forward than the previous model enabled an ideal pedal layout with the pedals in a natural position. An organ-pedal type accelerator is adopted.
  • The seat slide offers a fore-aft adjustment of 260mm, and the steering wheel offers 45mm of vertical, and 50mm of telescopic adjustment, allowing drivers of a wide variety of sizes to optimize their driving position.
  • The A-pillars are positioned 80mm farther rearward than in the previous model, expanding the driver’s field of view out of the windshield.
  • Seats offer a combination of ride comfort and excellent fit and hold, making long-distance drives less tiring.


Human Machine Interface (HMI)


  • The cockpit, which adopts Mazda’s new-generation HMI designed for safety, is based on the Heads-up Cockpit concept*3 which aims to help drivers process large amounts of information while maintaining a correct driving position and concentrating on driving safely.
  • Mazda Connect*4 car connectivity system works in tandem with a smartphone to allow customers to connect to the internet and access communication functions even when on the move.




Inheriting and evolving responsive, satisfying driving




  • To offer both nimble driving performance and ride comfort, MacPherson strut suspension is adopted in the front and torsion beam suspension, which is lightweight and offers advantages in terms of packaging, is adopted in the rear.




  • Inheriting the excellent SKYACTIV-BODY architecture, a simple frame layout and optimized cross-section shapes are adopted.
  • Compared to the previous model, body-in-white weight is reduced by approximately seven percent, torsional rigidity is increase 22 percent, and damping feel is greatly improved.




  • The engine line-up includes a newly developed 1.3-liter SKYACTIV-G gasoline engine and 1.5-liter SKYACTIV-D diesel engine.
  • SKYACTIV-G 1.3 produces 5 to 10 percent more torque across the entire range and raises the maximum engine speed over the previous model. The result is greatly evolved driving performance with fuel economy on par with the previous model.
  • SKYACTIV-D 1.5 with the automatic transmission produces torque similar to a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with maximum torque of 250Nm.
  • SKYACTIV-D 1.5 with manual transmission achieves the best test mode fuel economy of any internal combustion engine vehicle (does not include hybrids or micro-minis), delivering 30 km per liter*5.
  • Transmissions have been redesigned to suit smaller engines.
    • – SKYACTIV-DRIVE is a 6-speed automatic transmission that delivers smooth and powerful acceleration with a direct feel, similar to that of a manual transmission.
    • – SKYACTIV-MT, which features a light and positive shift feel and contributes to fuel economy is available in both five-speed and six-speed.
  • A new-generation AWD system*6 first introduced with the Mazda CX-5 is offered. It provides excellent drivability and stability.
  • The i-ELOOP*7 brake energy regeneration system contributes to better fuel economy performance. i-ELOOP equipped in the all-new Demio is approximately 5kg lighter than that used in Mazda Axela.




Comprehensive safety of a class above


Active safety


  • Adopts Mazda’s latest i-ACTIVSENSE*8 advanced safety technologies including the Smart City Brake Support (SCBS)*9 system that automatically applies the brakes to minimize damage from a collision with the vehicle ahead when driving at low speeds, Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)*10 that detects vehicles following from behind on either side, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RTCA)*10 that detects approaching vehicles when backing out of a parking space.


Passive safety

The high-rigidity SKYACTIV-BODY, which efficiently absorbs energy from a collision from any direction and mitigates deformation of the cabin, was further evolved for use on a compact car. It achieves excellent collision safety performance capable of earning high-level safety ratings


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