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Image of 2016 Nissan Wingroad New Shape for sale in Nairobi
Price: KES 1,250,000
85000 km1490 CC
Two Wheel DriveAutomatic
Image of 2014 Nissan Wingroad for sale in Nairobi
Price: KES 880,000
96507 km1500 CC
Two Wheel DriveAutomatic

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Price: KES. 1,438,000
90000 km1500 CC

About the Nissan Wingroad

The Nissan Wingroad is one of the most popular wagon models in the Kenyan market due to its performance and utility. It is loved for the fact that it offers abundant passenger and cargo space while still providing high fuel-efficiency. That has made it a preferred means of transport for people who ferry perishables and other items to and from Nairobi and other major towns, though it should not be considered for rough terrain or farm work.
The Wingroad competes directly against the Toyota Corolla Fielder and the Honda Fit Shuttle. Because of the widespread popularity of these competitors, however, the Wingroad has not gotten as much attention as it ought to, given its value. Many reviews also paint this compact station wagon as largely underrated.
Here are some of things you need to know if you are looking for a used Nissan Wingroad for sale in Nairobi.

What are the main features of the Nissan Wingroad?
Since it was introduced, the Wingroad Y12 series (2005-2018) has maintained a similar look. The front has a sloped nose, while the rear is steep but subtly rounded. The roofline is flat, though the structuring of the windows makes it appear as if there is a slight slope. Its interior does have a simplistic theme as well. The plastics are hard, and the gauges are easy to read. The front seating offers side support, and both offer 10 distinct reclining positions. It also features SRS Airbags, ABS and dynamic stability control on the safety front.

How spacious is the Nissan Wingroad?
The Wingroad excels in this department, even if it only offers two rows. The leg and headroom are great in both rows. The second row is wide enough for three adults, and the boot space is 412 litres, which is better than what is offered by its competitors, like the Fielder. On sliding the rear seat forward, the luggage space will increase significantly. The vehicle also boasts several storage compartments such as cup holders, door panel storage and console boxes.

Is the Nissan Wingroad fuel efficient?
The Wingroad Y12 models in Kenya are available with any of two engine options: a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder petrol or 1.8 liter 4-cylinder petrol, generating 105 and 126 horsepower, respectively. These engines may pair with a continuous variable transmission or a 4-speed automatic. The higher capacity engine returns a fuel economy of up to 14 kilometres to the litre, while the smaller engine is estimated to yield 17.2 kilometres to the litre. Expect the 4WD models to be a bit less efficient.

What is the ground clearance of the Nissan Wingroad?
The clearance of the Wingroad is 160 mm. That is par for the course considering several of its competitors have the same specifications or are slightly lower.

Can you find spare parts for a used Nissan Wingroad in Kenya?
The Nissan Wingroad has been in the Kenyan market for a long time, and it also has an AD wagon variant that is widely popular on the commercial scene. Since it has seen several years within the market and gained a favorable customer base, it will be easy to get parts for a used model. The fact that its parts are interchangeable with those of other Nissan models is also a plus.

Is the Nissan Wingroad a reliable car? Does it Have Good Resale Value?
The Wingroad has done well over the years where reliability is concerned. Its engines have not been reported to regularly require serious repair issues. It is worth mentioning, though, that there have been some complaints about the CVT. However, these have mainly been in vehicles with high mileages and have not been serviced regularly. Corrosion of the suspension components can also be an issue and should be checked when the car is being purchased second hand. Aside from that, it should last for a long time.

For those looking for a basic, highly functional, and fuel efficient compact car that they can use to carry a considerable amount of cargo now and then, the Wingroad is a great option. It is one of the least priced station wagons in its market segment, so it is worth considering if you are on a tight budget.

What is the price of Nissan Wingroad in Kenya?

Prices of locally used Nissan Wingroad in Kenya will range from as low as KES 750,000 to around KES 1,600,000 for new models. Below is a price guide of newly imported Nissan Wingroad in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Model YearPrice
2014KES 750,000 ~ 900,000
2015KES 900,000 ~ 1,100,000
2016KES 1,000,000 ~ 1,450,000
2017KES 1,400,000 ~ 1,600,000

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Below is a list of Nissan Wingroad for sale in Nairobi, Kenya and also others available in Japan. You can now buy and import year 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 Nissan Wingroad from Japan to Kenya.

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