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Image of 2015 Landrover Discovery Sport for sale in Nairobi
Price: KES 4,800,000
88000 km2200 CC
Four Wheel DriveAutomatic

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About the Land Rover Discovery Sport

 This is a modern, relevant and compelling vehicle, with its well-proportioned compact body and purposeful stance. Its distinctive silhouette and beautifully sculpted surfaces all combine to create a vehicle that truly connects on an emotional level. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is ready for anything.Characteristic design cues complement perfectly balanced proportions. Strong dynamic lines and robust detailing signal the Discovery Sport’s incredible breadth of capability

The desirability of the exterior design continues into the cabin with bold horizontal and vertical lines, complemented by clean surfaces, superb finishes and optional premium leathers that give a luxury feel to the highly versatile interior.Inside and outside seamlessly blend into a vehicle that clearly communicates its Discovery DNA, whilst firmly looking forward. This spirit of adventure is reflected in the Land Rover Discovery Sport’s interior, which has been designed with you at its core. It features high-quality materials and a strong vertical centre console design to reflect the premium exterior.

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Below is a list of Land Rover Discovery Sport for sale in Nairobi, Kenya and also others available in Japan. You can now buy and import year 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport from Japan to Kenya.

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About the Land Rover Discovery Sport


The Land Rover Discovery Sport was launched in the market as a replacement for the Freelander. As one of the more recent models, the Discovery Sport uses the same chassis architecture as the Evoque though it has a new suspension design that has been expressly incorporated to allow the packaging of seven seats as the standard for every model. In itself, it is boosted by the robust design language and the brand image of Land Rover, which takes the model to higher levels.

Land Rover Discovery Sport first generation (2015- 2020)

The look of the Discovery Sport is more or less unique. The brand did a great job incorporating design cues from the other models. The cheese grater grille, HID headlight design, lower grille guard, and the long accent line, which runs from the side vents rearward through the door, are some of the elements which are incorporated for the model. Land Rover is quick to point out it’s a new offering as more than just a mall crawling crossover SUV. It has been termed as a capable off-road car that is ready to tackle almost everything. The Discovery Sport has an approach angle of 25 degrees, break-over of 21 degrees and a departure angle of 31 degrees. It is also able to ford 23.6 inches of water without any issues and traverse obstacles 8.3 inches tall without any scratches.

The discovery sport is the culmination of the third generation of compact SUV produced by Land Rover, and it was the Freelander’s replacement. The base model is available with a low output TD4 turbo diesel engine churning out 110 kW but it is mated to a nine speed automatic transmission. There is an option for a Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder 2.0 turbocharged petrol unit with an outage of 180 kW. That is the only engine option available for the North American market. Finally, there is a higher output diesel SD4 engine which can produce 140 kW and utilizes 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers. It can sprint from 0 to 60 miles an hour within a time of 7.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 128 miles per hour for the base engine.

The engines from Ford were replaced by power units from Jaguar Land Rover’s Ingenium engine lineup. The nine-speed automatic transmission remains unbeaten in this class and assists in improving the fuel economy while keeping carbon emissions low. The brand found the coupling of the diesel units to the transmission made for a smooth experience. Jaguar Land Rover is working on the new diesel engine dimension in a project geared to provide more performance in the near future. Though, because of the luxury car tax and the 7L/100km fuel use cut off for the higher allowance bracket means the 2.0-liter petrol turbocharged engine is only available with the base model. What it may lack when it comes to performance, it gains in ride comfort and off-roading ability.

Because of the aluminum construction on the hood and other support structures in the high strength steel uni-body, the Discovery Sport’s turbo engine only has to propel 3845 pounds of curb weight. Around town, the Discovery Sport feels smooth, and the nine-speed automatic keeps the engine spinning at low revs and levels of noise.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Second Generation (2020 to the present)

The updated styling of the new Discovery Sport helps align the Sport with the bigger Rovers like the Range Rover Velar. Every Land Rover Discovery Sport comes available with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine churning out between 183 and 213 kW depending on the particular model. On the other hand, the more powerful engine utilizes a 48-volt hybrid system aiming to improve the level of fuel economy and acceleration. There is also the fact the standard all-wheel-drive system assists the Sport to tackle bumpy terrain and all of the seasons along with optional trail-rated equipment. Land Rover also claims the latest 2020 mode is more rigid than before. It gets an optional 21 inch wheels for the first time, but the expectation is the oversized rollers reduce the ride quality.

The all-new platform of the Discovery Sport was designed to incorporate batteries and electric motors considering the new move toward hybrid and EV modes. The Discovery Sport, therefore, launches several mild-hybrid engines and is soon going to offer plug-in hybrid power trains during the coming model years. The current range of engines does not need any plugging in, and they do not provide any emissions-free driving. Instead, the electrical assistance shaves some of the fuel consumption and carbon expulsion here and there, while cutting the effects of the lag from the turbocharged engines, it is linked.

Interior wise it is a seven-seater car with minimal boot space when one uses the child-sized rear seats. The Discovery Sports dimensions as 4.6 m long and 1.9 wide, which is the same as a Ford Focus Estate. That is impressive when it comes to flexibility. Considering the small footprint, The Discovery Sport drives neatly for a seven-seater crossover. Though it does not shrug the weight off, it tucks adequately into corners and even illustrates something resembling the steering feel. Though it has the moniker of Sport by name, it is less so in nature as the pervading feeling is of a crossover designed for comfort. The latest engines are very quiet as compared to the ones fitted in the car during its launch. It is especially the case with the petrol unit, which is very silent even at highway speeds. Reviews suggest the nine-speed automatic transmission feels best suited to the diesel, and it has never been known to kick-down. It has quite a bit of low-end power, which is needed because of its size and weight.

First vs. Second generation

Power and fuel economy

The first generation Discovery Sport was available with a range of engine options, including the 2.2-liter Ford Duratorq and the Ford Ecoboost 2 liter four-cylinder alternatives before the engines were supplied by the Ingenium lineup from Jaguar Land Rover. Some of the Ingenium options were introduced during the first generations, but they did not fully catch on until the second generation was the Ford engines were discarded for petrol and diesel alternatives. There are six power unit options for the new Discovery Sport as opposed to the older model. These include the D150 FWD MT 2.0 liter diesel option producing 150 PS, D150 AWD AT MHEV – 2 liter with an outage of 150 PS, and a 48-volt mild hybrid system. The remaining two diesel options are a D180 AWD AT MHEV – 2-liter and a D240 AWD AT MHEV 2 liter, both with the 48-volt mild-hybrid setup. The petrol options are P200 AWD AT MHEV – 2-liter and a P250 AWD AT MHEV 2 liter.
The petrol units also had a mild hybrid system. All engine setups except the first were linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The first diesel option is matched with a six-speed automatic transmission. The brand is supposed to introduce another plug-in hybrid variant and a conventional three-cylinder petrol engine later on during the year. It would seem the new discovery sport is geared towards smaller engine sizes and a larger hybrid investment as opposed to the old generation. Soon the discovery sport may introduce higher powered motors as described by the design language, which is set to accommodate these elements. It is a move to keep in line with environmental requirements for lesser emissions and take-over of hybrid and EV systems. The second generation may give way to the first all-electric Discovery Sports model to hit the market. The updating of the ZF 9 speed automatic transmission has been updated, and it offers an improvement in the fuel economy by 2 percent. As opposed to the old model, the new one has Terrain Response 2, which is the second-generation Active Driveline System. The fuel economy of the first-generation model is set at 24.2 km per liter, while the second generation returns 28.9 kilometers per liter. Land Rover also increased the fuel tank capacity from 54 to 65 liters. Structure wise, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport also has a 13 percent stiffer body than the older iteration.

Exterior and interior styling

The new version of the Discovery Sport has the same styling cues more or less compared to the original though there are a few tweaks that have been made to bring the design in line with the second generation Evoque or the Velar. The changes when it comes to the exterior concern the focus on new front and rear bumpers, as well as a revamped grille and new lower body moldings and LED lights.

The cabin did attain restyling, though. The new dashboard and new steering have been lifted from the Discovery model, and these elements, along with the redesigned center console, make the cabin seem more sophisticated and upmarket as compared to the previous model. As well as upgrading technology in the Discovery Sport, Land Rover has also worked towards increasing practicality and comfort. The three seating rows have been restructured to give more versatility because of the new 40/20/40 split in the second row. The brand claims it currently offers up to 24 seat combinations. There is legroom of 968 mm in the second row and 655 in the third, which is quite admirable considering the vehicle dimensions. There is also a focus on increasing the storage in the cabin from the previous model, and Land Rover says the central cubby and redesigned door bins allow for 48 liters of storage and a partial decrease in the earlier models. When it comes to the five-seat form, the boot capacity of the roofline was 1179 liters, which is up from the outgoing model that had 981. It can be increased to 1794 when the rear seating is folded down as well.


There is a new 10.25 inch Touch Pro HD touchscreen infotainment system, though with Apple CarPlay and a 4G WiFi hotspot. The latest infotainment systems from Land Rover have been adopted as well. A lower interface that integrates the controls for the heating and ventilation systems and Terrain Response is provided as an alternative. There is a digital driver display available as well with a color head-up display. A wireless smartphone charger is also available with the new iteration as well as eight USB ports. The model also upgraded the driver assistance technology. There is a ClearSight Ground View system as well that was initially brought on to the Evoque.

The idea utilizes cameras in the front grille, and the door mirrors to project a feed on to the central screen to illustrate what is under the SUV, and this assists in maneuvering when it comes to tight city streets. There is a new smart rearview mirror as well that works as a regular mirror, though on request, it is going to use an HD screen to display the feed from a rear-facing camera that has a 50-degree field of view. It is to make sure there is better visibility to the rear when the car is full and during low lighting conditions.


Some of the standard features on board the Land Rover Discovery Sport include anti-lock brakes, stability control, Front, side, curtain, knee, and overhead airbags. There are driver assistance aids such as Lane Keep Assist to help the driver know when they are getting out of their lane. There are also Front and rear parking aids where cameras show the Front and rear views on the touchscreen.

Cruise control and speed limiter packages reduce driver fatigue by allowing the driver to set the maximum speed. It also maintains the current speed without significant intervention. Traffic sign recognition notifies the driver about upcoming signs and acts accordingly while blind-spot assistance gives a warning when the driver is changing lanes and entering a blind spot. The torque is applied to the steering wheel, warning the driver to stay within the lane.

What is the price of Land Rover Discovery Sport

The pricing of the Land Rover is quite reasonable considering the model year. The new model has a retail of Ksh. 8.2 million taxes inclusive while the outgoing entry-level model is Ksh 7.8 million.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has adhered to emission regulations by modifying the engine options available and increasing the chances for hybrid inclusion, which aids in its power provision. It is an element that was not seen in the old model. The new model has also improved on interior and cabin elements by incorporating better unique structuring, so there is more room. Though the exterior facets are similar, it is an improvement and an excellent buy for off-road while providing significant ride quality. To get more information about the Land Rover Discovery Sport or to schedule a test drive, call AutoAssista at 0725800422 or 0723676789. You can also visit us at First floor, Karen Triangle Mall, Karen Road, off Ngong Road, Nairobi.