How to Import a Duty Free Car to Kenya for Diplomats & Expatriates

You have just been posted to Kenya on your work assignment, congratulations and karibu Kenya!

You are probably already dreaming of safaris (yay Masai Mara!) and driving on the vast open roads as you explore the beautiful country side.

Not forgetting getting to and from work, obviously!

As such, a vehicle is already on the top of your to do list.

If you are looking to import a quality, low mileage pre-owned vehicle with the duty free facility, here is a flow of how you would go about it:

1.Decide what car you want
2.Settle on an importing agent such as Jap Imports Ltd
3.Agree on car specs i.e. make, color, mileage, payment schedule, timelines etc.
4.Give import go ahead

As your car is enroute to Mombasa duty exemption documents should be prepared. Depending on your organization’s status it could be the Pro 1B or DA1.

These documents should be prepared by the protocol officer in your organization.

To prepare duty exemption papers 3 things are needed:
•Commercial invoice of the vehicle
•Bill of Lading
•Inspection Certificate

The Pro 1B or DA1 documents are prepared in duplicate. Your protocol officer will be issued with one, and the second one circulates internally in the relevant government offices. The second duplicate will be compared with the one your clearing agent submits at the port.

For customs clearing the following documents are needed:

•Original Passport
•If working for the UN or UN affiliated organizations the Laissez Passer
•Original job ID
•Original Pro 1B or DA1
•Original car documents which your agent will have

From here your agent will go ahead and clear the vehicle with customs in the ordinary way.
The car will then be delivered to you.

Registration Plates These will be provided to you by your protocol officer.

NOTE: Your original passport is required to clear the car at customs. On average, and barring any unforeseen delays- this could take 10 working days. It is best not to plan any overseas trips within this time frame.



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