How to Clear Your Car at the Port of Mombasa


After much anticipation, your car has finally arrived at the port of Mombasa. You may have some questions about what happens next, which we have tried to answer here:

Do I require a clearing agent to help me clear my car at the port of Mombasa?

Yes, you do. This is because clearing agents are empowered by the KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) to conduct this process. They undergo specific training which allows them to access the online Integrated Customs Management System (ICMS) which requires specific credentials. You will find a list of qualified clearing agents from the KRA website.

What documents are required to clear a car at the port of Mombasa?

To clear your car at the port of Mombasa, your clearing agent will require the following documents:

  •  Original Importation documents (Bill of Lading, QISJ Certificate, Export Certificate)
  • National ID
  • If the vehicle will be registered under a company, the company PIN and Certificate of Incorporation
  • NTSA e-citizen account

How long does customs clearance take at the port of Mombasa?

It takes about 10 working days to clear a car from the port of Mombasa,  barring any unforeseen delays. On occasion, there have been delays with the KRA and NTSA online systems and other delays occasioned by shortage of physical number plates.

What happens when my car arrives at the port of Mombasa?

When your car is offloaded from the vessel, it is driven to a pre-determined CFS (container freight station). This is where it will be stored in the duration that it is in the port. A few days before the car arrives at the port  or when it arrives, the clearing agent logs into the KRA system and submits an Import Declaration Form (IDF) and subsequently produces the entry and slip that will be used to pay duty to KRA.

How do I pay the import duty for my car?

The payment slip allows you to pay KRA taxes. As an individual, you can pay the taxes directly at any bank by presenting the slip and the money. Please ensure that you are issued with an original receipt which will be needed as proof of payment.

Alternatively, your import agent/ clearing agent can pay the taxes on your behalf, as per your agreement.

How do I get a number plate for my imported car?

Your clearing agent in Mombasa will help you with registration, upon which NTSA will allocate you a registration number. For this process to take place, you will be required to have an e-citizen account. The clearing agent will then access this account and apply for registration. When the registration is successful, your car details, including the new number plate will now reflect in your account. The NTSA will issue you with the latest number plate available. The agent will then collect the physical plates on your behalf and fix them on the car.

How much does it cost to clear a car at the port of Mombasa?

The amount of money you pay to clear your car from the port of Mombasa will vary with the size of the car and other factors. There are  fixed and non-fixed charges such as port charges, shipping fee, clearing fee, processing fee, registration fee, radiation fee, marine Levy and import duty. You could also incur extra transport costs depending on how you plan to transport your car from Mombasa to your location.

How can I get a reliable clearing agent in Mombasa?

All (legitimate) clearing agents at the port of Mombasa are trained and licensed by KRA. You can easily confirm whether you are dealing with a legitimate agent on the KRA website where they are listed. As with any industry beware that there may be some rogue elements, and due diligence is recommended.

Do you need help to clear your car from the port of Mombasa?

Are you importing a vehicle from Japan or the UK and you need the services of a clearing agent in Mombasa? Do you need help transporting your car from Mombasa to your destination? We can help! Email or call 0723676784 for more information.





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