How Do I Transfer Vehicle Ownership on the NTSA Platform?


Some years back the processing of transferring a vehicle to another person used to be a tedious job. It required visiting several offices, not to mention the long queues. Today, things have changed drastically due to the digitalization of government offices. Unlike before, you can now transfer a vehicle to another person at the comfort of your couch on NTSA’s Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) portal.

What do I need to transfer a vehicle online?

The first requirement is that you create an account by registering on the NTSA TIMS portal, The registration page will look like the one below. Select the option that applies to you.


How do I transfer vehicle ownership on NTSA?

  • The car seller is the one who initiates the process
  • First, log in to your NTSA account, click on Vehicle Registration, and then Apply for Transfer of Vehicle Ownership 
  • Click on Create New; this will prompt you to enter the registration number of the car that you wish to transfer.
  • Select View; this will help you to see the details of the vehicle. You will need to upload a copy of the logbook.
  • Where we have New Vehicle Owner, click on what is appropriate under individual/non-individual/financier, then feed in the buyer’s details.
  • If it is an individual, you will require to put National/Alien ID and Pin. If it is a financial institution/company, you will need to put a PIN and then click on the Add Button.
  • Proceed to Security Verification, select mobile phone, then Send Verification code
  • A verification code will be sent to the phone number, feed in the verification code, and check the Disclaimer displayed.

How do I accept or decline the ownership of the vehicle?

  • Once the transfer of ownership is successful, the vehicle buyer will receive an SMS notification to prompt them to accept the vehicle transferred to them. The buyer will then be required to Log in to their NTSA Tims Account for them to accept/decline the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.
  • The following are the steps:
  • Once you Log in to the NTSA TIMS Self-service portal, click on the Accept Ownership, enter the registration number. You will then click on Inquire, then view button to see the details of the car.
  • Click on the Security Verification, select phone number, and then send so that a verification SMS will be sent to your phone
  • Where we have accept/decline, enter the verification code.
  • If Accept, input the details as required. Once you are done,  click the Submit button. This information will be sent to NTSA. This will facilitate the processing of the logbook


Can NTSA  fail to register the vehicle?

It is possible for NTSA to fail to register a vehicle if there is an inter-entity transaction. This means that either the seller or the buyer of the vehicle has lost their right to transfer/accept the vehicle that has already been registered in Kenya. This could be because of unpaid fines among other reasons.

How long does it take for one to get a Log book?

It takes around 14 working days for the log book to be processed for picking.

What are the requirements for the transfer of a log book to be done?

  1. You will need to do an Online NTSA Car Search to verify that the details of the vehicle are correct.
  2. You will then fill an Application Form.
  3. Finally, you will need to ensure that you have the following necessary documents:
  • Original Log book document
  • Duly filled KRA Transfer Form C from both the seller and buyer
  • Copies of PIN from bother the seller and the buyer. However, if you are buying from an organization, then you will need copies of PIN and Certificate of Registration for both the seller and the buyer.

Do I need to surrender my old Log Book?

Yes, you will need to surrender your old log book to NTSA.

How much does it cost to transfer car ownership in Kenya?

The cost of the vehicle differs depending on the Engine Capacity of the vehicle.

Vehicle’s Engine Capacity


Below 1000cc

Ksh 1660

Between 10001 to 1200cc

Ksh 1890

Between 1201 to 1500cc

Ksh 2065

Between 1501 to 1700cc

Ksh 2410

Between 1701 to 2000cc

Ksh 2695

Between 2001 to 2500cc

Ksh 3845

Between 2501 to 3000cc

Ksh 5055

Above 3001cc

Ksh 5915

Trailers with four wheels or less

Ksh 1030

Vehicles with more than four wheels

Ksh 1890


Ksh 1030




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