How Do I sell My Car in Kenya?

After driving your car for a few years, the time has come to let it go. Or perhaps, you have urgent business to take care of and you need to dispose it off quickly.  Whatever the reason, most of us are unsure of the best way to go about selling a used car in Kenya. You have probably seen a ‘for sale’ sign posted on the windows of many cars. Is this really the most efficient way of selling a car? This article discusses different avenues that you can follow to sell your car quickly in any part of Kenya.

Online Platforms

One of the ways in which you can sell your car in Kenya is through the internet. There has been a recent influx of online market places such as Cheki, Jiji and the like. You can advertise your car here and have potential buyers contact you.  However, selling (and buying) online, in any platform, requires careful due diligence  before you engage with any potential buyer.

Social Media

These days, social media platforms have become instant market places where you can buy and sell almost anything. This means that if you are selling your car, you can post it on your Facebook page or WhatsApp status and have people sending inquiries directly to you. This method does not cost you any money but it can be slow, particularly if you are looking to sell urgently.

Bulletin Boards/ Newspapers/ Magazines

Another way to sell your car is by advertising on bulletin boards in places like Malls, churches, and other high traffic areas. You can also advertise in newspapers or magazines, which can be expensive.  Like social media, this method might be slow and it could take time to sell your car.

Personal networks

For some people, personal networks of family, friends, and work colleagues are the fastest way to sell a car. This is particularly true for those in the diplomatic circles where you can easily buy a car from a departing colleague. The biggest advantage to selling within your network is that the buyer already knows you, eliminating any questions of mistrust. This can accelerate the sale as the buyer does not need convincing.

Car Bazaar

Have you ever visited the car Bazaar at the Jamhuri Showgrounds along Ngong Road? Open every weekend, the bazaar, as it is commonly known is awash with individuals looking to sell their cars. For a fee, you can drive in your car, pick a spot and wait for customers to show interest. One advantage of the bazaar over the other methods discussed above is that here the potential customers get to see the car and inspect it themselves, rather than depending on a photo. This also means that they can quickly make a decision on whether to buy or not.

Car yards/ Showrooms

Similar to the car bazaar, putting up your car in a yard is another quick way of selling. This is because hundreds of potential customers who walk into that yard will see your vehicle. Moreover, most yards have a huge online presence where they advertise on your behalf.  Selling with a yard has many advantages. All you have to do is drop off your car and agree on a price with the dealers. It will then be up to them to get buyers, only contacting you with offers. They also deal with the paperwork and advice you on how to transfer the vehicle online to the new buyer.

The obvious disadvantage to selling with a yard is that you have to leave the car with them. This can be inconvenient if you don’t have another car.


There are several methods that you can use to sell your car in Kenya. These range from advertising on bulletin boards, selling to friends and family and using online platforms. You can also take your car to the Car Bazaar or sell it through an established yard/ showroom. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages that you should keep in mind before choosing. You can also use a combination of two or more of these methods to sell. For example, you can advertise your car on social media and still take it to the car bazaar.

Do You Want to Sell Your Car? At Croton Motors we connect sellers of locally used cars with buyers

How Does it Work?

  • Share information about the car/ bring it to our yard
  • We will confirm the condition, particulars of the car and take photos
  • Set a budget/ price for the car
  • Authorize Croton Motors to sell on your behalf
  • We will park the car at our yard/market it online (if you are still using it)
  • Receive offers on your behalf and make the sale
  • Make payment to you and initiate the transfer process

Contact us to sell your car


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