How Do I Replace My Lost Logbook in Kenya?


A logbook is likely one of the most important documents you possess, as it proves vehicle ownership. If you needed to take a loan with your vehicle as collateral, it is the logbook you give out. Similarly, you cannot sell your car without it.

Losing a logbook is definitely a big problem, but it could happen to anyone. The question is, how do you go about replacing a lost logbook in Kenya? The process of replacing a lost logbook is quite similar to that of replacing lost number plates.

Step by step explanation of how to replace a lost logbook in Kenya

  1. Get a police abstract- The first step after losing any official government documents such as your ID, logbook, or passport is to get a police abstract. This equates to making an official report that the document in question is lost, and you are in the process of replacing it

  2. Obtain a tape lifting report from the DCI.

  3. Head over to your NTSA TIMS account at

  4. Log into your account and select ‘apply for duplicate logbook.’

5. Click on ‘apply’ against the vehicle in question (the vehicle whose logbook is lost).

6.Fill out the form appropriately, and upload a copy of the police abstract and the DCI tape lifting report.

7. Make payment via your preferred method and submit your application.

8. Typically, this should take two weeks, but there may be delays.

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Thanks for this info. Very helpful.