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Image of 2016 AUDI Q5 2.0 TFSI QUATTRO for sale in Nairobi
Price: KES 4,530,000
52806 km2000 CC
Two Wheel DriveAutomatic
Image of 2016 AUDI Q5 for sale in Nairobi
Price: KES 4,260,000
82480 km2000 CC
Two Wheel DriveAutomatic

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Price: KES. 4,673,000
55000 km2000 CC
Price: KES. 5,118,000
41000 km2000 CC
Price: KES. 5,470,000
30000 km2000 CC
Price: USD. 20,000 (CIF)
80000 km1960 CC
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32000 km1960 CC

About the Audi Q5

Introduced as a compact crossover in 2008, the Audi Q5 is a standout luxury offering in its segment due to the craftsmanship and powertrain options. Its turbodiesel TDI edition provided better fuel economy and emissions while still providing significant power. The Q5 has connected well with buyers in the Kenyan market, leading to increased demand against competition like the Volkswagen Tiguan, Toyota Harrier, and the Nissan X-trail. It has proven to be a cut above the rest, featuring better in-class materials and an elegant aesthetic.

If you are considering purchasing a foreign used Audi Q5 in Kenya and are still on the fence, the following information should help you decide.

What are the main features of the Audi Q5?

The Q5 is not bulky or lumbering like the Volkswagen Touareg or the Toyota Harrier. It may have several design similarities with its big brother, the Q7, but it has a leaner and nimbler look. Audi knew it got that design formula right with the first-generation Q5, which is probably why it did not change that design for nine years. The 2nd-generation Q5 features sharper lines and a more fluid shape that is equally captivating.

On the inside, the Q5’s material are top-notch, offering different shades of rich, soft-touch leather or simulated leather. Some of the technological features you might get in this SUV include cruise control, 12-volt socket, deluxe 3 zone climate control, Audi’s MMI infotainment interface, electronically adjustable front seats, and more.

How Spacious is the Audi Q5?

Despite its categorization as a compact crossover, passengers have sufficient spacing. The front two especially get a high commanding position, and there is enough space in the back for three adults. The boot space in the 1st-generation Q5 is 824 liters as well, and if you need more, the rear seating can be folded flat; that will increase cargo space to 1622 liters. The 2nd-generation Q5 offers a slightly smaller 710-liter cargo area that can be extended to 1,503 liters when the rear seats are folded down.

Is the Audi Q5 fuel efficient?

The Q5’s fuel economy depends on the engine you opt for. Its base engine, a 2.0-liter TFSI, returns up to 13.7 kilometers to the liter while its 3.0 liter TDI diesel engine does 16.67 kilometers to the liter. Understandably, its 2.0 liter TDI version provides even more economy at 17.24 kilometers per liter, which is impressive for a crossover.

What is the ground clearance of the Audi Q5/ Does the Audi Q5 have good ground clearance?

The ground clearance of the Audi Q5 is 197 mm, which is higher than most of the competitors in the same segment. That bodes well for the off-roading abilities of this model, showing it would fare well in harsh terrain areas. It is not one of those crossovers that were only made for suburbia.

Can you find spare parts for a used Audi Q5? Is it easy to find spare parts for?

Audi is one of the more luxury automakers, so the spare parts for its models would probably be found in the urban centers. The reason is the niche of consumers is mainly in the city centers and surrounding regions. That means it would not be as easy to find spare parts for repair in remote areas. The Q5 has been in the market for more than ten years, but a small percentage of the population has purchased it, adding to the potential rarity.

Is the Audi Q5 a reliable car? Does it have a good resale value?

In most reviews, the Q5 has been characterized as a reliable model. That is considering the excellent build quality and the sturdiness of the materials. A Q5 should last between 10 and 13 years with the proper care. Its premier materials and heritage also give it great value for money. That means its resale value does not go down significantly upon purchase. It is one of the best options you could consider within the compact crossover segment.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a used German luxury SUV in Nairobi, you won’t go wrong with the Audi Q5. It blends nimble handling and potent performance with reasonable practicality, good fuel economy and captivating aesthetics, so you are sure to impress your peers with it.

Are you looking at buying new or used Audi Q5 in Kenya? Are you looking at selling your used Audi Q5 in Kenya? Do you want to know the prices of new or used Audi Q5 in Kenya? Do you want to know how to import Audi Q5 from Japan? Please visit our show room in Karen, Nairobi and our sales agents will guide you.

Below is a list of Audi Q5 for sale in Nairobi, Kenya and also others available in Japan. You can now buy and import year 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 Audi Q5 from Japan to Kenya.

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